Annisa Putri Caesari_19315409417


 Annisa Putri Caesari

Abdul Kohar Irwanto

Muhammad Syamsun

Pasca Sarjana Ilmu Manajemen Institut Pertanian Bogor

Jl. Raya Darmaga, Bogor, Jawa Barat 16680


The operational activities of a company are conducted to maximize the profits of shareholders. But besides that, the company also has an obligation to give contribution to society. To accommodate the goals and the obligations of the company, systems called Corporate Governance (CG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be applied. The implementations of CG and CSR are related because CSR is the consequence of applying CG. Besides CG and CSR are related one another, CG and CSR also linked to Corporate Financial Performance (CFP). A research was conducted on one hundred companies listed in Kompas100 index in order to know the relation among the implementation of CG, the exposure of CSR, and CFP. Analysis to know the relation of three variables was conducted using analysis of structural equation modeling (SEM). The result shows that the implementation of CG positively influenced to the exposure of CSR. Nevertheless, the implementation of CG is negatively nfluenced to the CFP. Similarly, the exposure of CSR is negatively influenced to the CFP. Due to the influence CG to CFP and the influence CSR to CFP is negative, implementation of CG is also influence negatively to the CFP through the disclosure of CSR as a moderating variable.

Keywords: CG, CSR, CFP

19315409417_Annisa Putri Caesari (Full Text)

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