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Ratna Wardhani
Prodi Akuntansi Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Indonesia
Kampus FEUI Jl. Prof. Dr. Sumitro Djojohadikusumo Depok, 16424, Indonesia

Korespondensi dengan Penulis:
Ratna Wardhani: Telp. +62 21 786 3571; Fax. +62 21 727 2649
E-mail: ratnawardhani@yahoo.com

This study aimed to analyze the effect of the expropriation risk by controller shareholders and corporate governance (GCG) to the use level of bank loan owned by the company. The samples used in this study were the data 226 manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange in period 2010-2012. The results showed that the magnitude of expropriation risk that could be done by controlling shareholders adversely affected the level of bank loan. This showed two things: in making loans to the company, banks considered the possibility of the expropriation. The companies that had the expropriation risk would have less loan to the bank because the company avoided scrutiny which was higher than banks. This study could not prove the influence of corporate governance on the level of bank loan. The result on the audit quality variable showed a positive correlation between KAP size and bank loan levels.

Keywords: bank loan, controller shareholders, corporate governance, information risk, the risk of expropriation

19215200212_Ratna Wardhani (Full Text)

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