Rofikoh Rokhim_Abstract_1812014



Rofikoh Rokhim

Management Research Center

Gedung Departemen Manajemen Lt.2. Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis

Universitas Indonesia, Depok, 16424.

 Mal Isnaini Sri Mey Yanti

Bank Indonesia

Jl. MH. Thamrin No.2 Jakarta, Indonesia, 10350.

Korespodensi dengan Penulis:

Rofikoh Rokhim: Telp. +62 21 727 2425; Fax. +62 21 786 3556




The focus of this research was to identify the impact of BPD Regional Champion Program to each bank’s NPL. This research used a panel data analysis for the observation period of 2008 – 2011. The selected random effects model identified the determinant of NPL from bank specific variables and external factors. The Model was then simulated by the indicative targets of minimum loan growth of 20% and minimum portion of productive loan of 40%. This research revealed that the Program might cause higher estimated NPL for 12 banks while for the other 13 banks the estimated NPL would be lower than the real NPL.

Key words: credit risk, non performing loan, regional development bank

(Full Text.pdf)


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