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Erni Susana
Diana Kartika

Program D-III Keuangan & Perbankan Universitas Merdeka Malang
Jl. Terusan Raya Dieng No.62-64 Malang, 65146.

Korespondensi dengan penulis:
Erni Susana: telp. +62 341 568 395 Ext.544


The syariah banking activity was basically the expansion of banking service for people who needed it and expected the repayment which was not based on interest rate, but based on syariah as what determined in Islamic law. To help people to get pilgrim portion soon, syahriah banking offered agreement which was used in financing pilgrim lending fund like al-qardh agreement and al-ijarah (ujroh system).  The aim of this research was to analyze financing using al-qardh agreement and al-ijarah (ujroh system) agreement. Al-qardh was giving wealth to other people that could be collected back or asked for, or in other words lending without expecting repayment, while the meaning of al-ijarah agreement was an agreement of moving the use or utilization right on goods and service, through rent payment or ujroh without being followed by transferring ownership. The implementation of financing pilgrim lending fund conformed to the rule of financing pilgrim arrangement which was written in Fatwa (a binding ruling in religious matters) DSN No. 29/DSN-MUI/VI/2002. The amount of al-ijarah repayment was not based on the amount of lending al-qardh given to the customers.

Key words: financing, pilgrim lending fund, syariah bank

(Full Text. pdf)


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