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 C. Erna Susilawati
Fakultas Bisnis Unika Widya Mandala Surabaya
Jl.Dinoyo 42-44 Surabaya, 60265

Korespondensi dengan Penulis:
C.Erna Susilawati: Telp./Fax.+62 31 567 8578
E-mail: erna_msi@yahoo.com


The role of intellectual capital to increase value of the firm, prompting securities analyst to include information about that into securities analyst report. The value of analyst report explored by previous researchers. However, information about intellectual capital in securities analyst report is not widely studied. The purpose of this research to investigate the value of  intellectual capital information in the securities analyst report for investor and tries to explore the role of securities analyst to reduce asymmetry information. The result showed that intellectual capital information used by investor and thus effects the trading volume. The other findings show that intellectual capital information reinforces the influence of the revision of stocks recommendation to trading volume. Abnormal return of stock when the analyst reports contain intellectual capital information is higher than that do not contain such information. 

Key words: abnormal return, intellectual capital, securities analyst report

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