Umbas Krisnanto_Abstract_1632012



Umbas Krisnanto
Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Perbanas Institute
Jl. Perbanas, Karet Kuningan, Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan, 12940


This study was to determine the effect of independent variables quality of service to the dependent variable customers behavior. The survey used questionnaires to bank customers. All questionnaires were declared valid and reliable. Research idea came from Petridou (2007) and Olorunniwo & Hsu (2006) using factor analysis and had variables/dimensions, while Ndubisi (2003) using variables/dimensions was used by Zeithaml (1996). It used regression analysis to compare the quality of service and customer behavior. Conclusions on the descriptive analysis of respondents stated that the response to the questionnaire on two variables was in the range of excellent category. Factor analysis could not classify variables in shaping a factor. Analysis of determination stated there was a strong and positive relationship between the quality of service and the customer’s behavior amounted to 46.1%. The hypothesis stated that there was relationship in quality of service and customer behavior. This research found the value of the variable/dimension was not counted in previous studies. Suggestions for the bank in the future was enhancing the accuracy and happy to help our customers, and needed to pay attention to social changes. Further research was to find the highest the correlation and more respondents.

Key words: customer behavior, service quality, tangible, empathy, responsiveness, reliability, assurance




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