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Muhammad Syafii Antonio
Department of Islamic Economics TAZKIA University College of Islamic Economics
Jl. Ir. Djuanda, Sentul City, Bogor-INDONESIA

 Hilman Fauzi Nugraha
Islamic Economics Science Faculty TAZKIA University College of Islamic Economics
Jl. Ir. Djuanda, Sentul City, Bogor-INDONESIA


Korespondensi dengan Penulis:
Muhammad Syafii Antonio: Telp. +62 21 8796 2291
E-mail: antonioislam@yahoo.com  – www.steitazkia.ac.id
Hilman Fauzi Nugraha

E-mail: hilmanfauzinugraha@gmail.com



Syariah banking was getting criticisms because it was not able to do its reality as the Islamic value manifestation which could be felt by people. These criticisms at least could be related to some indicators like contract domination of non-profit sharing (murabahah) on syariah banking practice which could only be enjoyed by up middle class people, or like syariah banking still did not have innovative product which could touch poor society. This paper discussed and explored the possibility of social intermediation role which could be done by syariah banking more than what financial intermediation role could do to answer inconvenient news and stigma which stated that syariah banking was not pro poor people. Based on literature study and discussion, the role of social intermediation using social fund suitable with Islamic perspective namely zakat, infaq, shadaqah, wakaf, and hibah (ZISWAH) could be applied to become the product or syariah banking added policy in serving poor society through some strategies. They were (1) through special enterprise unit (UUK) of social intermediation and (2) cooperation through LKMS special for poor society.

Key words: social intermediation, poor society, sharia banking

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