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Herman  Darwis
Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Khairun Ternate
Jl. Kampus II Gambesi, Ternate Selatan
Korespondensi dengan Penulis:
Herman Darwis: Telp. +62 921 311 0322, Fax.+ 62 921 311 0901
E-mail: herman.darwis@gmail.com

The research aimed to provide empirical evidence that corporate governance implementation, managerial ownership, institutional ownership, board of executive and independent executive affected corporate performance. Population of the research was companies listed at Indonesian Stock Exchange (ISX) between 2006–2008; sampling method used was purposive sampling as well as multiple regression analysis. The result showed the implementation of GCG affected corporate performance. These meant that if the listed companies at BEI and have been surveyed by IICG implement good corporate governance, the performance would increase. The higher corporate governance was measured by corporate governance index perception, the higher corporate obedience and result in a good corporate performance. Institutional ownership affected corporate performance. The greater institutional share ownership, the better corporate performance. The result showed that control function from the ownership did determine improving corporate performance. Managerial ownership, board of commissioner, and commissioner independent did not affect corporate.

 Key words: corporate governance, managerial ownership, institutional ownership, board of commissioner, commissioner independent


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