Fakultas Ekonomi Unissula Semarang
Jl. Raya Kaligawe Km.4 Semarang, 50112.

Korespondensi dengan Penulis:
Widodo: Telp. +62 24 658 3584, Fax. +62 24 658 2455
E-mail: widodos3@yahoo.com

Rural Banks/BPR have a vitality and sustainability of business if they are able to create a unique advantage that is superior in terms of customer information and business environment surrounding besides functioning as an intermediary institution. But in Semarang credit quality is still in the high risk level that is above the maximum limit of 5%. The condition is caused by the integration of human capital and social capital that is not optimal. Therefore, this article aims to examine the model of human capital development so that it can improve the performance of organization within the context of social capital. Retrieval method uses purposive sampling with 120 total samples. Later analysis technique uses Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) through the group management data which is processed based on high and low social capital. The study shows that the context of high social capital moderates the structure of the equation that affects human capital on organizational performance

Key words:  learning orientation, human capital, commitment, social capital, organization performance

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