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St. Dwiarso Utomo
Yulita Setiawanta

Fakultas Ekonomi UDINUS
Jl. Nakula I No.5-11  Semarang, 50131.

Korespondensi dengan Penulis:
St.Dwiarso Utomo: Telp. +62 24 356 7010, Fax. +62 24 356 5441
Yulita Setiawanta

The Condition of Indonesian Banking was going to collapse because of financial crisis. The impact of monetary crisis automatically  hit the banking sector. One effect of the monetary crisis in Indonesia about the end of the 20th century was the collapse of a number of banks, because the banks were considered no longer feasible to continue the business. This research was conducted to examine the influence of NIITA, NIATTA, TETA, CDTD against bank insolvency probability. This study used a sample period of 2007 and 2008 at National Banking Company listed at Indonesian Stock Exchange. The sampling technique in this study used purposive sampling technique, and obtained 50 companies. Regression model and overall model fit used in this study had the right model (at the level of significant 100%) to estimate the function of dummy variable (the probability of bank insolvency.) Or in other words the independent variable (NIITA, NIATTA, TETA, CDTD) jointly had a significant effect on the dependent variable (dummy variable bankrupt or not bankrupt although the results showed that partially all independent variables had no significant influence.

Key words : Banking , NIITA, NIATTA, TETA, CDTD

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