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Soelistijono Boedi
STIE Indonesia Banjarmasin
Jl. H. Hasan Basry No. 9-11 Banjarmasin, 70123

Korespondensi dengan Penulis :
Soelistijono Boedi: Telp. 0511-3304652 Faks. 0511-3305238
E-mail :

This study examined the differences of Intellectual Capital Disclosure (ICD) between new industry and old industry, therefore influence of ICD  on market capitalization continuing research  by Abdolmohammadi (2005), as for becoming object from this research was all industry listed in Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX). This research represented the empirical test which used purposive sampling techniques in data collection. Data were collected using a secondary data of 65 from industry 2003 to 2007. Data analysis used regression. The results of hypothesis examination indicated that from five hypotheses raised, there were four accepted hypothesis. Accepted hypothesis were hypothesis 1 (there were significant differences between new industry and old industry of ICD on annual report), hypothesis 3 (there was no significant influence in  book value on market capitalization) and hypothesis 4 (there was a  significant influence in ROA Difference on market capitalization). There was one hypothesis that was no correlation, it was hypothesis 2 (there was no significant influence between ICD on market capitalization). From this result, it could be concluded that intellectual capital disclosure had no influence on capitalization market value therefore intellectual capital disclosure had no difference between new industry and old industry.
Key words:     intellectual capital disclosure, market capitalization, new industry, old industry



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