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Irmayanti Hasan
Jurusan Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Islam Negeri Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang
Jl. Gajayana No.50 Malang, 65144

Telp.+62 341 551 354, Fax. +62 341 558 881

Customer queuing is a common phenomenon that often happens in getting services. In an attempt to get the service from the tellers, customers often judge the quality of Bank operation system based waiting time period or teller speed in providing services to the customers. The Islamic banks in Malang is developing rapidly, one of the banks is PT. Bank Mega Syariah Branch Bank. PT. Bank Mega Branch Malang needs optimization analysis of queuing system to ensure customers satisfactions. The bank should be able to provide the best service by providing fast service to customers and avoid too long waiting time. The calculation results show that customer arrival pattern is 1 minute 51 seconds. As for the service pattern is 4 minutes 42 seconds. The queuing system application in PT. Bank Mega Syariah Branch Malang is good because the teller average service time is 4 minutes 42 seconds teller and teller standard time is 3 minutes 39 seconds which the average time is smaller than the expected by the customer that is 5 minutes. Besides that the average time of customers wait in a queue system and total system (queuing and service facilities) is less than 1 minute 32.09 seconds.

Key words: queuing system, teller, customer satisfaction

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