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Didit Herlianto
Jurusan Manajemen Fakultas Ekonomi UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta
Jl. Lingkar Utara (SWK) No.104 Condong Catur Sleman -Yogyakarta, 55283

Telp. +62 274 743 8923
E-mail: diditgatra@yahoo.co.id

Target of investment would be kept if determining investment decision was in a certain condition. However, to be able to realize the target was not easy too. This matter was caused in determining preference of investor investment given on to condition of uncertainty. Uncertainty investment could relate to the natural situation (states of nature) or dicey future situation. Relating to the problem above, hence intention of this research would give the solution how to determine the investment decision in an uncertain condition, real asset investment instrument (gold & property) and financial asset (obligation & share). Method used in determining decision of preference of investment instrument was the model of analyzing the decision of investment of Minimum Regret. Result of research indicated that the economic investment decision in an uncertain condition was most precise preference investment instrument in the form of gold asset. Decision making in the preference investment principally was approach base, that investor would experience the loss  if  event happened to cause the chosen investment instrument alternative less than real return maximum. This matter could be seen if investor did not choose the gold in its investment decision hence opportunity loss would be bigger, that was opportunity of loss property 10,3045%, opportunity loss obligation 19,6387% and opportunity loss share (IHSG) 9,7103%.

Key words:  real asset, financial asset, opportunity loss, minimum regret.

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