Zaenal Fanani_abstract_1512011


Zaenal Fanani
Accounting Department, Economic and Business Faculty Airlangga University
Jl. Airlangga No.4 Surabaya, 60286

Telp. +62 31 503 3642, +62 31 503 6584

The aim of this research was to prove empirically: could the accounting based quality attributes of financial reporting (accrual quality, persistence, and predictability and smoothness) and the market based (relevance value, timeliness, and conservatism) be the qualified representation of financial reporting and different each other? what were the determining factors that influence the quality of financial reporting?, did the quality of financial reporting influence the economic consequences?, and were there influence differences of quality attributes of financial reporting to the economic consequences? The research samples were taken by purposive sampling so it obtained 141 listed manufacturing businesses from 2001 to 2006. The research used four data analysis technique: auxiliary regression R2, confirmatory factor analysis, simple regression, and multiple regressions. The results showed seven attributes, there were five attributes that gave contribution for financial reporting quality namely accrual quality, predictability, smoothness, relevance value, and conservatism while the persistence and timeliness gave small contribution. The five attributes were also different each other. From the thirteen determining factors, it showed nine factors that produced significant influences namely operation cycle, sales volatility, firm size, firm age, loss proportion, leverage, environmental risk, institutional ownership, market concentration, and auditor quality, while the other three, they were liquidity, managerial ownership, and investment growth that were not significant. Testing results of economic consequences of quality of financial reporting showed that the quality of factorial financial reporting influenced negatively and significantly toward information asymmetry.

Key words: financial reporting quality, economic consequences

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