M.Syahirman Yusi_abstract_1512011


M. Syahirman Yusi
Jurusan Administrasi Niaga Politeknik Negeri Sriwijaya Palembang
Jl. Srijayanegara Negara Palembang, 30139

Telp.+62 711 353 414, Fax. +62 711 355 918
E-mail: msyusi@gmail.com

The objective of the research was to examine the implication of fundamental factors and systematic risk toward the stock’s price, especially on manufacture industrial products in Indonesian Stock Exchange. It was a survey research by survey research type. The number of sample required the criteria to be examined was 20 respondents taken by purposive sampling.   Through statistical analysis, the fundamental factors having a significant effect toward the stock’s price were return on assets (ROA), debt to equity ratio (DER), and value book. Among those variables, value book was the most dominant factor, and dividend payout ratio (DPR) was not significant. The other factor added having a significant effect toward the stock’s price was systematic risk measured by beta index.

Key words: fundamental factors, return on assets, debt to equity ratio, book value, dividend payout ratio, systematic risk

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